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2018 Annual Holiday Party

During the Holiday Party, 2018 Women's Policy Forum Chair, Karen Myers, thanked the board and everyone who supported the organization during her year as chair. She was presented with a poinsettia by Cathy Neece Brown, 2019 Chair.   


November Luncheon News

Women's (Under) Representation in Politics: What motivates them to run and how their election might affect women

Margo McClinton, experienced political commentator with focus on women's issues, spoke in

November about women running for political office.  While celebrating the number of women who

ran in the recent mid-term election, she noted that those numbers only moved the needle 2-3%. 

"We still have work to do, my friends," she said, noting the still low voter turnout and lack of civic

literacy among high school and college students.  

"There is not just a pay gap between women and men," she said, "there is also a representation gap."  What holds women back from running for office? McClinton cited several reasons: they don't feel qualified, they are afraid of losing, fund raising difficulties and not seeing role models of other women in elected positions.  In her former work as Texas State Director of Ignite, she directed programs with thousands of young women in high schools throughout the state of Texas that encouraged them to learn to become  the next generation of political leaders.  She also mentioned ReflectUS, a nonpartisan coalition of seven leading women's organizations working together to bridge divides and collaborate across aisles in order to elevate women in politics. 

Why do we need more women running? "Women can reach across the aisles, neutralize the conversation and still mobilize for the greater good."  She urged the audience to continue to educate, advocate and mobilize.  




September Luncheon News

Financial (In)Security: How pay-day loans and the financial sector are limiting the future success of families in Tarrant County

Kathryn Arnold, Executive Director of Pathfinders, shared some sobering information about those living on the financial fringe in Tarrant County at our September luncheon.  According to Arnold, predatory loans such as pay-day loans, rent-to-own or some car loans contribute to a financial situation that leaves many women in dire economic need.  "It's, sadly, a perfect storm," said Arnold. Predatory loans with unaffordable and unreasonable repayment terms lead to scarcity, which Arnold describes as 'what happens when people's bandwidth's are taxed to extreme."  

The September luncheon also included the vote and approval of next year's slate of officers and recognition of the 2018 scholarship recipient, LaTeaira Morris. LaTeaira is a single mom working for MHMR and taking on 15 hours of coursework while raising her son. She hopes to work in the medical field one day.


LaTeaira Morris, 

2018 WPFF Scholarship recipient


August Luncheon News

The "Obesity Epidemic" as a Form of Structural and Symbolic Violence: The Perpetuation of Hyper(in)visibility

Jeannine Gailey, TCU Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the new Women & Gender Studies department, gave an interesting talk at our August luncheon about how women of size are marginalized in our culture. Gailey said larger women receive fewer job offers, are less likely to be married and receive fewer promotions. In our culture, she said, we're taught to associate thinness with being healthy, but that is not always the case. All bodies, she explained, exist on a spectrum of visibility, and those at either end are ignored, marginalized or made into a spectacle.   



July Luncheon News

Listen, Learn, Build and Bridge: Creating an Inclusive Fort Worth for All Residents

Read a full summary

See the Task Force Presentation

Committee Chairs, City of Fort Worth's Race & Culture Task Force
Lillie Biggins, Rosa Navejar, and Bob Ray Sanders


Our July luncheon featured an interactive discussion with co-chairs from the City of Fort Worth's Task Force on Race and Culture. Following a presentation from Lillie Biggins, Rosa Navejar and Bob Ray Sanders on the progress of the task force, the discussion broke off into table topics including criminal justice, education, economic development, health, housing, and transportation.  Each table featured a task force member or city staff facilitating the discussion, including: Ty Stimpson, Charles Boswell, Bob Goldberg, Yolanda Harper, Angela Rush, Fernando Costa as well as the three co-chairs.

Our thanks to the City's Task Force on Race and Culture, Fernando Costa and Harriet Harral for helping to make this luncheon presentation possible. 

June Luncheon News

Redesign of the CPS Foster Care System in Texas: Policy Implications of Youth Aging out of the system and Youth Homelessness

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Dr. Wayne Carson, CEO of ACH Child and Family Services, spoke about the redesign of the foster care system in Texas at the June luncheon. In his presentation, Dr. Carson detailed how their regional "community based care" model is innovating solutions through accumulation of accurate data and recruitment of additional foster homes and additional resources.


Crimes Against Women:

The Realities and the Statistics

Read May Luncheon summary 

Beth Maeker spoke about myths and misconceptions regarding sexual assault cases in the May luncheon meeting of the Women’s Policy Forum. Maeker is a forensic sexual assault nurse examiner with Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. 

Maeker presented sobering statistics during her talk: that 1 in 3 women in America or 1 in 5 women in Texas will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  She also presented 10 myths or misconceptions associated with sexual assault.

Evaluating Media Bias:

A Discussion About 21st Century Information Consumption

See full summary and PDF of April presentation


Adam Schiffer, Associate Professor in the TCU Political Science Department, spoke about media bias in the April luncheon meeting of the Women’s Policy Forum.

Schiffer presented an idea that common discussions regarding media bias from a liberal or conservative political viewpoint are missing the point.  He argued that the real media bias is more complicated – and less political than commonly thought.

Connecting the Dots: Women, Workforce and Immigration 

March Luncheon Summary

“The reality is we’re running out of people in this country,” said Eddie Aldrete, Senior Vice President, International Bank of Commerce in San Antonio. "Our choice is to create additional human capital through increasing fertility rates or through smart immigration policies," Aldrete added as he spoke about the effect of demographics on the workforce and surrounding culture 

at the March luncheon meeting of the Women’s Policy Forum

Innovative Education Models and Their Role in Economic Development:

Using the new Fort Worth Cristo Rey High School as One Model for Future Success
February Luncheon Summary

Put Patients Back Into the Health Care Debate-Earley

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