Juan Manuel Lobo Neimbro

Juan Manuel Lobo Niembro is a consultant on various subjects, most notably Communication, Negotiation, Collaboration, Mediation, and Restorative Justice. He is the founder of ALINEA Consultants, Inc. dedicated to providing savings for large consumers in construction industry through collaborative negotiations with various suppliers of goods and services. He’s the founding partner of the first Certified Private Center for Mediation in the state of Nuevo León.


Lobo has been invited to speak at various local and national conferences and congresses about themes related to negotiations, mediations, and restorative justice. He has given lectures for Masters’ courses at many universities in his state over the aforementioned topics. Additionally, he has taught mediators at multiple public and private institutions.


In 2009, he started educational mediation programs at 10 institutions in Monterrey, teaching elementary and middle school students, teachers, and parents. As of 2013, he’s worked with the Network of Community and Scholarly mediators in many states of the republic. In December of 2016, he initiated the training of peer mediators in the State of Mexico Penitentiary System in "Santiaguito" (Almoloya de Juárez) and in "Barrientos" (Tlalnepantla), training inmates, custodians, and staff in technical areas and opening a Center for Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Restorative Justice in each institution.

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