Past Chairs & Founding Members Luncheon

Past Chairs and Founding Members in attendance: Top row, l-r: Cathy Neece Brown, Sally Burt, Pam Anderson, Kim Dignum, Judy Harmon, Judie Greenman Louise Appleman, Sheryl Harris, Susan Wilcox, Cindy Boyd and Jane Hardwick. Second row, l-r: Linda Garcia, Kathryn Bryan, Harriet Harral, Karen Myers, Judy Stempel, Sandy Kautz and Margaret DeMoss.  Front row, l-r: Pat Cheong, Nancy Mitchell, Shirlee Gandy, Joan Kline and Libby Lanzara. 

What promises to be a new tradition was begun on June 25 when current Chair Cathy Neece Brown hosted former chairs and founding members to a luncheon to honor the work they have done for the Women's Policy Forum.  Cathy introduced the immediate previous chair, Karen Myers, who shared a little of the work of the organization in 2018.  

This forum provides an excellent way for past chairs to catch up and network together and helps them stay informed about the Women's Policy Forum and its efforts to bring about positive change in our community.  As Brown said, "the Women's Policy Forum is made up of women who really want to make positive changes," and the structure of the programs need to reflect that.  Myers said she was very aware of that and wanted members to leave each event "with a path to follow for positive change."


New Member Reception 

A reception was held on Monday, June 3 for new members who have joined in 2018 and 2019 as a way for them to network together and with established members as well.

The event was hosted by Cortney Gumbleton at Locavore, with tasty appetizers provided by Z's Café and Catering.  Thanks to Cortney, Z's Café and Catering and all who came for a fun evening. 

New members in attendance: clockwise from top left: Margaret Ritsch, Anjali Desai, Cheryl Harding, Leann Guzman, Pennie Blossom, Karmen Rubin, Jordan Nichols, Ann Zadeh, Margitt Crespo, Jennifer Trevino, Kendal Lake, Subie Green, and Karen Telschow Johnson.  

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