News & Networking

On the last Thursday of the month, members gather for an informal discussion and a chance to catch up with friends. 

November News & Networking

On Thursday, November 29, WPF members gathered to discuss a variety of topics including the results of the midterm elections and how newly elected women will serve in national and local positions. Some interesting facts:

  - 40% of women who ran in state races were elected

  - 32 women will now serve in the Texas House of Representatives, out of a total of 150 representatives

  -Nationally, there are now 200 women, which is 20% of the total in the US House of Representatives.  Since more of the women elected were Democrats, the Democratic caucus will now be 40% women. 


In addition to election results, discussion included ways to encourage young people to register to vote, as well as gerrymandering issues and other items of interest.  The Stormwater Local Flood Plain Policy public meetings were announced for anyone who is interested.  


Left to Right: Kathy Livingston, Betty Rowland, Margaret DeMoss, Karen Myers, Dana Burghdoff, Sandy Kautz, Flora Brewer, Susan Smith, Cathy Holt, Kerry Neuhardt, Nancy Amos, Pat Cheong, and Elizabeth Doane. 



September News & Networking

The September News & Networking gathering was led by Joanne Green, a professor of Political Science at TCU.  Green shared some of her research regarding women candidates and how media treats them vs. men.  Also she shared some encouraging statistics of the influx of women running for office this fall.  Of the 35 Senate races, there are 23 women running for seats.  Only 20% of all congressional seats belong to women - a total of 107 women in both houses of Congress.  


Green shared statistics of women running for office in 2018.  Currently, there are 23 women in the Senate (17D, 6R) and 84 in the House (61D, 23R).  There are also 6 female Governors and 297 Mayors of cities over 30,000.  The largest 100 cities have 23 women as Mayors. 

In attendance for this lively discussion were; Laura Bley, Cathy Holt, speaker Joanne Green, Dana Burghdoff, Betty Rowland, Sandy Kautz and Karen Myers.


August News & Networking

The August News & Networking gathering featured lively discussions regarding the upcoming mid-term elections, the need for more affordable housing and other topics of interest.  It is a great way for members to interact in a less formal setting.

In attendance were Dana Burghdoff, Linda Pavlik, Kerry Neuhardt, Nancy Amos, Carol Peters, Betty Rowland, Sandy Kautz and Cathy Holt. 

June News & Networking

In June, the discussion centered around transit with guest speaker Assistant City Manager Susan Alanis.  Susan filled the group in on present and future plans for public transit in Fort Worth and in the region.  She said the current strategic plan for the City of Fort Worth as well as economic development studies and the effort to entice more corporations such as Amazon has brought transit issues to the forefront.  She spoke about efforts for the City to work with Trinity Metro as well as DART and other regional transit authorities.  "We are now working together," she said, citing the Tarrant County Mayor's Council and other groups who are seeking to solve some of the traffic and congestion issues by taking advantage of new and innovative ways to provide transportation to citizens. 

Additional transportation issues were discussed as well as this article which details some interesting trends in transit issues. 

In attendance were Dana Burghdoff, Rachel Hanes and Cindy Hanes, Susan Alanis, Barbara Meselle, Sue Catterton, Pennie Blossom, Nancy Amos, Sandy Kautz, Betty Rowland, Karen Myers, Carolyn Stephens and Pat Cheong. 

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