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Friday, October 18
7:30 – 11:30 a.m.
ACH Child & Family Services | 3712 Wichita St

The 6th annual Emerging Issues Symposium was led by keynote speaker and international teacher, speaker and trainer, Judy Hoberman. Hoberman spoke of many experiences she had while younger when she was discounted because she was female, or was told "all you are is pretty."  She overcame those predictions and shared with the audience how they could too.  Some of her advice included understanding that no one is perfect, being able to say no, listening to others and feeling free to ask for help.  

See Judy's full presentation

Christopher Plumlee, founder and president of Elevate Strategy Group, gave an upbeat presentation that encouraged the attendees to be bold, prepared and knowledgeable in order to progress in their career. He emphasized the importance of leadership qualities and the abilty to be a part of a team. "You may have to stop by some happy hours and fish frys" in order to succeed, he said, adding that 85% of success is correlated to personality and the ability to negotiate, communicate, and lead.  

See Christopher's full presentation

Christopher Plumlee, Founder and President of Elevate Strategy Group

Tracy Green, owner TinMan Enterprises

Matthew Smith, Sales & Executive Leadership Consultant

Uni Yost, CEO/Founder, GoAskJay Inc. 

Lesa Roe, Chancellor, UNT System and former Deputy Administrator for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Symposium Panel

A stellar lineup of panelists concluded the seminar with an informal Q & A led by Judy Hoberman.  Judy asked some of the same questions the audience answered in an interactive survey during the Symposium.  Some of the key insights included: 

"If you're not afraid, you're not challenging yourself." - Lesa Roe

"People promote who they like, trust and respect. How can you support your supervisor?" - Christopher Plumlee

"People say you can't have it all.  You can, just not all at once." - Judy Hoberman

"My ability to move up has been due to men who have tapped me on the shoulder at the right time. Now,I tell men who are wary of promoting women with children: let the woman decide her path. " - Lesa Roe

"Apply for a job that you're not fully qualified for - a stretch position. Show that you are bold." - Matthew Smith

"Be the change that you want to see." - Tracy Green

"Women's skills are very well-suited for the corporate environment. They are adaptable and flexible.  As women, we need to uplift others. If not, who will?" - Uni Yost

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