The "Obesity Epidemic" as a Form of Structural and Symbolic Violence: The Perpetuation of


Jeannine Gailey, TCU Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the new Women & Gender Studies department, gave an interesting talk at our August luncheon about how women of size are marginalized in our culture.
Gailey spoke about research into cultural attitudes toward women who are larger sizes.  She explained previous research that addressed how women of size experience structural and symbolic violence through cultural norms that are negative, and even infrastructure that doesn't support people of size. She said "fat women" are less likely to be married, find jobs or receive promotions. 
Her research has led her to a concept of "hyper(in)visibily" which highlights how women of size are marginalized and ignored. Her book, "The Hyper(in)visible Fat Woman" details those theories and some of her own research as well.  
She invited the Women's Policy Forum members to become involved with the newly created TCU Women & Gender Studies Department as a member of the Board of Visitors they are forming. 
Jeannine Gailey, PHD
TCU Associate Professor of Sociology
Director, Women & Gender Studies
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